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70 x 200 cm (2 parts, each print 70 x 100 cm)

Lithograph on 250gsm Velim Arches handmade paper

Edition of 30 + 3 APs

Hand signed and numbered on the front

Published by Edition Copenhagen, Denmark


In 2013 the opportunity came to do a residency at the prestigious Edition Copenhagen print workshop. What makes this brilliant establishment unique is that each artist is presented with a smooth, gravestone sized slab to draw directly onto with fatty black crayons. The slabs are mined from a quarry just outside of Munich dating back to the Jurassic period, some 135 million years ago.  

Such is the porosity and sensitivity of the stones that they pick up the finest marks and finite detail, even smudges and finger prints get recorded onto the surface. Once a desired image is achieved, an original lithographic print is lifted directly from the surface and reproduced a number of times onto paper creating an edition and then the stone is ground back down, the original image erased.

We blind folded one another and set to work drawing our portraits using different thickness’ of black crayon. In order to perfect our mark making, the technicians provided us with a ‘test’ slab with which to try out the various sized crayons.

Scribbling on the stone is very addictive and after making what we considered a satisfactory portrait - I turned to the ‘test’ slab and thought it far more honest, the marks were made without any preconceived outcome, it was a beautiful mistake.

We spend so much of our time dulling down these irrational marks in favour of masterly, considered perspectives, the sheer joy has to be revisited by overriding our instinct to make things look acceptable. We can invigorate the making of things, feed the imagination, take risks by making mistakes and encouraging failure.  (Sue Webster)
Watch 'Tim Noble and Sue Webster - In Search of Imperfection', a film shot during the residency with Edition Copenhagen here.